Aly Webster

Master of Counseling Student

Aly is an intern at Creekside Counseling and currently a Masters of Counseling student focusing on Clinical Mental Health at Idaho State University. After attaining her bachelor's degree in Psychology, she spent several years working in the dental field and also the finance industry. After eight years, she decided it was time to direct her focus back on her true passion and continue her education to become a professional counselor.

Aly sees clients with a variety of issues and backgrounds including both male and female adults and adolescents with depression, anxiety, LGBTQ+, and those going through various life transitions. She believes that change comes from deepening self awareness. This is achieved through a trusting, therapeutic relationship allowing space for authentic expression.

When not at work or in class, Aly can be found reading a book and snuggling with her two cats, gardening, cooking, or entertaining. She and her husband enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures. They have spent time living in China and traveling through various parts of the world.

Counseling services with Aly are for those not in a position to pay or that don't have insurance.